Oct. 2019 - Photography has been a passion since before college.  My first personal camera was a used Minolta SRT 101 film camera. Since then, I’ve owned a few cameras, from the Canon F1 to the Konica-Minolta Maxxum 7D and finally to the Sony Alpha series (a900, a99, a99II, and a7RII).
          However, the camera, lens, and editing software (Capture 1, Photoshop, etc.) are just tools to master. Vision and creative perspective are critical to great photography. The ability to step back and look at your world in a new way is essential to the creative process regardless of whether the image is captured on a smartphone or on photographic equipment costing thousands of dollars.
          From the spontaneity of street photography to the structure of a studio photoshoot, to the discipline and technical demands of product photography, to the solitude of architectural detail. There are many types of photography and attendant mindset. Great satisfaction is to be found with them all.
          I’ve lived in and traveled a bit, from New York City to Kenya, to Arizona, Costa Rica, Dubai, the Philippines, Canada, and Mexico. There is always something special about new places that create a sense of adventure and creative inspiration.
          I hope to continue to find inspiration and new ways of seeing as I navigate the world around me, camera in hand.​​​​​​​
Louis A
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